Amazing Benefits of Exterior Commercial Painting


While we tend to focus our attention on the interior, it is important to ensure your commercial property looks great from the outside too. Here are some great benefits of exterior commercial painting.

Build a Positive Brand Image

Maintaining a professional facade is important for building a positive image for your brand. The look and feel of your building is the first impression that potential customers get when they walk by or drive past. 

If your building’s exterior is looking worn down with faded or peeling paint, people are likely to take this as a bad sign and seek services elsewhere. Whereas if your building looks fresh and appealing, then they are more likely to believe that you have pride in your work.

Applying a fresh coat of paint can make your commercial building look so much fresher and help you gain more positive attention. It will no doubt help attract new customers.

Boost Employee Morale

In the same way that fresh paint can build a positive image, it can also help boost employee morale. 

Just as we hate coming home to a dirty house, we also don’t want to come to a run-down office space. By refreshing your exterior paint job, you will make your employees feel happier as they turn up to a nice-looking workspace every morning.

Increase Market Value

Your building’s appearance plays an important role in its market value. Any damages, even cosmetic ones, can bring down your curb appeal and therefore its value. 

While this won’t affect you unless you plan to sell, it is a great idea to keep your building looking fresh for the future. 

It is hard to know when or if you are ever going to want to expand your business into a new building. If you keep your building looking good then you will always be attracting potential buyers’ attention. This also ensures that you won’t have such a hard time preparing it for sale in the long run. 

Extend Your Building’s Lifespan

All buildings are exposed to harsh weather elements, and sustain damage over time. When painting the exterior you will also see any damages and have them repaired. 

Using high-quality paint for your exterior can also give it an extra layer of protection. This will help expand your building’s lifespan so you can keep working out of it for many years to come. 

Enhance Your Colours 

Colours can play a massive role in our mood, productivity, and morale. This is often referred to as ‘colour psychology’.

While this is highly important for interior painting, using this knowledge when choosing your exterior colour schemes can also be beneficial.

By using cool colours such as greens or blues, you can help inspire feelings of calm for your employees and customers before they even walk inside. Bright colours like yellow, can help boost energy levels. 

Commercial Painters Brisbane

Our Painting Perfection painters offer residential and commercial painting services throughout Brisbane.

We can complete painting and maintenance projects without disrupting your daily business operations. We can schedule a consultation with you to try our best to work around your business schedule. 

We do everything from the prep work, painting and even the clean-up afterwards, so you will barely even know we were there. 

You can visit our website or contact us today for help with your next commercial painting project. 


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