How to Perk Your Office Space Up With a Paint Job

It’s no secret that there’s a whole lot of psychology behind colours and how they may affect people’s moods and behaviours. It’s present in so many parts of our day-to-day lives – from the advertising we see to the food we consume, and into the workplace.

Keeping colour psychology in mind, there are many ways that painting the office can increase productivity and keep employees feeling happy. It is important to consider that different industries are influenced by different colour schemes, so clinical bright white may not work for all work environments.

If your office is in desperate need of a fresh look, but you don’t know where to start, Painting Perfection has got you covered with this quick how-to guide.

Consider how the office space is used

Before you start checking out swatches and trying out samples, think about how your workplace is set up.

Firstly, you should consider where employees sit and what spaces they use the most. For example, if you work with creatives who change their positions daily based on where they find inspiration, it may be in your best interest to paint different spaces with different colours or shades. 

Secondly, if your office uses both indoor and outdoor spaces, you may need to take interior and exterior paint colours into consideration. Plus, one perk of having outdoor office space is that your commercial painting contractors can come and go with minimal disruption. When the painters are working on the interior, you can move outside, and vice versa.

Lastly, take into account the size of your space. Smaller spaces often require lighter colours to open them up, while larger spaces can get away with brighter or darker shades.

Make note of natural lighting and temperatures

The lighting of your space will determine how the paint colour you choose feels temperature-wise. Colour psychology-based painting works best when it complements the environment.

If you have an office that is well-lit with an open floor-plan and large windows, you may get away with cool colours and darker tones such as charcoal, navy blue, or forest green. On the other hand, if your office has minimal space and lacks natural lighting, you may lean more towards warmer tones such as peach, light tan, or creamy white.

Keep in mind how the lighting of your office space changes throughout the day. Some spaces may require a neutral tone that can be perked up with colourful decor because the lighting is inconsistent between morning and evening. A professional commercial painter will be able to make suggestions and assist with choices during your quote.

Research the colours of your industry

How to Perk Your Office Space Up With a Paint JobA person painting a section of white wall charcoal grey with a paint roller.

To boost productivity in and around the office and best appeal to any visitors or clients that may come in during the day, you must do a bit of background research into which colours work best within your industry.

Some industries are more creative, technological or fashionable and thrive on trending colours like sage green and light pink, or mixed-and-matched hot colours. Other industries may be more compliant, academic, or clinical and require colours that promote focus and professionalism such as whites, blues, greys, and browns.

Not only will you need to keep the industry in mind, but you will also need to work with the existing office decor. If your office features art or statement furniture that you aren’t ready to replace, work with the colours in these pieces to create an environment that is cohesive and reflects the energy of the workplace.

Get sampling!

Before starting any commercial painting projects, it is a fantastic idea to pick up some samples and conduct a patch test in an area that is less exposed to clients or placed behind art or furniture. 

Chances are that if you’re researching the topic and have reached this far down the article, you’re already thinking about painting the workplace. Here at Painting Perfection, we use high-quality paint for all commercial painting services. Check out our pricing and call or email us today for a quote. 

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