Why Choose Us

At Painting Perfection With Solution, we believe preparation is the most important step when embarking on Brisbane painting project. Starting with power washing, our surface preparation includes scraping, sanding and priming, plastering, caulking of joints and cracks, and careful masking of windows, affected plants, and ground surfaces. This multi-step, detailed preparation ensures a smooth application, and guards against the splitting and peeling of paint that is sometimes seen in cases of a rushed or incorrect application.

Throughout the duration of your project, our foreman will regularly visit your site to ensure all painting and maintenance work is completed to our high standard. Following completion of the project, the site will be swept, vacuumed, and re-installed to its previous state, ready for you to enjoy your freshly painted space.

All of our projects are covered by a five-year workmanship warranty, and we even provide clients with a one litre can of “touch-up” paint, so that you can maintain the small dings and scratches that inevitably happen in busy, functioning spaces.

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