When in search of painting perfection for residential or commercial properties, all you need to do is call our professional painters in Brisbane – we can get the job done!

Trying to find competent and reliable painting contractors is easier said than done. Thankfully, we have an amazing team of house painters who provide nothing but fantastic results. Our quality service, experience and competitive prices makes us an extremely smart solution for refreshing your home or commercial property.

Quality Painting Services


he quality of the service is one of the most important factors within our industry. The difference a professional job can make to the appearance of a commercial or residential property is outstanding. The quality, the finesse, the attention to detail; it just can’t compare to anything else.

We have a well-rounded team of contractors who can competently handle jobs of all sizes, with perfect results every time. And we only use the best materials available to ensure quality is maintained throughout every project.

It’s in our best interests give our customers exactly what they need. This is why we tailor our painting services so it can fit in around your project, budget and other specific requirements. By creating an intricate plan of action, it yields the greatest results for our clients.

Experienced Company Professionals


ur company was formed in 1995 and has remained the industry leaders for quality painting services. Our house painters in Brisbane have a long understanding of what makes a truly professional finish to every project.

Call our toll free number on 1800 997 484 to request a free quote or to enquire about how our painting company can enhance your property.


Quick Contact

38/36 Benhiam Street, Calmvale
Brisbane, Australia

Phone: 1800 997 484
Mobile: 0409 000 326
Email: info@paintingperfection.net.au

Operating Hours
Work is usually performed during a normal work week Monday through Friday.

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